Andreas Trogisch

Roads Not Taken

15.09. – 19.10.2018

Andreas Trogisch loves the photographic medium because it `allows people who have little talent for drawing but a strong creative disposition to nevertheless produce pictures.´ Just as provocatively, he describes himself as 'a dilettante' from the Latin root `delectari´ or in English, `delight.´ Trogisch can look at good pictures again and again when they offer him a certain aesthetic pleasure, be it in their texture, composition or vibrancy.

In spite of his ironic self-portrayal, we have here a photographer who has worked continuously for the last 35 years according to his own high standards. Andreas Trogisch is most interested in the possibility of transcendence, of the transformation of one thing into another, the opportunity within the scale of black to white of disclosing a drama without the necessity of an event. These 'non-events' are the major actors in his cycle 'Replies' which began in the early 1980s and, although already publicised in a book, is not yet complete.

The pictures by Andreas Trogisch which are shown here are not abstracts in the sense of reduction or simplification but the opposite; the expansion of reality around the fantastic dimensions of the image. This is especially clear in the pictures from the 'Asphalt' series which deals with the apparently inconsequential micro-scenes at our feet. In picture form they attain an independent life and beauty. The asphalt motifs in Trogisch's current series 'Runway' are scaled in almost monumental dimensions. The large-scale runway and road markings are scanned in hundreds of single shots and rearranged into fascinating and detailed wallpaper-like images as in the three metre roundabout substitute white circle of a Maltese road junction which shines like a mysterious planet in space.

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