Evi Lemberger

Between Then and Now

16.04. – 13.05.2016

The series 'Between Then and Now' by Evi Lemberger exhibited at the Soiz gallery tells the story of disappearance. Over a period of many years, Lemberger photographed buildings of cultural heritage in her home region, the Bavarian Forest: old factories, saw mills, smithies, empty pubs and inns stand ignored and derelict.

Even where people are still to be found, the photographer captures a feeling of transience, such as a rotting wooden bench that no-one would again sit on, or she records people who have apparently withdrawn from the rapid pace of modern life in photos of homes which appear to have originated from a long-gone age.

'I want to document a world which is disappearing,' says Evi Lemberger. 'Immerse myself in its beauty and show my sadness that it is dying.'

However, 'Between Then and Now' touches on more than only nostalgia. Lemberger has developed a symbolic visual language which tells the story of a universal transience: old ways of life are disappeaing globally but they leave behind them traces which we can read and interperet.

The series 'Between Then and Now' has been published in 2016 by Kehrer Verlag, Hamburg (ISBN 978-3-86828-684-7).

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