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Japan Contemporary

25.06. – 04.08.2017

In the 1970s and 1980s photographic artists such as Hiroshi Sugimoto, Daido Moriyama and Nobuyoshi Araki began their careers and today still define what the world knows as Japanese photography. However, without leaving the characteristic Japanese approach to photography, a new generation of photographers has gained the attention of the international arts scene. The exhibition 'Japan Contemporary' in the Soiz gallery is showing works by Yukari Chikura, Satomi Shirai, Yumiko Kinoshita, Hiroshi Watanabe, Muga Miyahara and Albarrán Cabrera.

The 'Home from Home' series by the photographic artist Satomi Shirai who lives in New York, examines the cramped living spaces of young people in foreign surroundings. The characters, in their search for an identity, have decorated their tiny appartments with a cheekily erotic flair.

Yukari Chikura from Tokyo processes her father's sudden early death in the series 'Fluorite Fantasia.' She is presently considered to be the new shooting star by the international arts scene.

The black and white photographs by Hiroshi Watanabe, who lives in Tokyo and Los Angeles, were produced during many trips through Japan, South America and Europe. His extremely aesthetic works are generated by an interplay of  astuteness and coincidence. With surrealistic perception, Muga Miyahara applies himself to the 'tokonoma,' the traditional decorative alcove in Japanese rooms which he redecorates with knives, model aeroplanes or abstract objects. Muga Miyahara is one of Japan's best-known photographers.

The artistic partnership Albarrán Cabrera guides the viewer of  'The Mouth of Krishna' to hidden connections in the universe. According to the legend, Krishna's mother beheld the whole universe in the mouth of the young godhead. Yumiko Kinoshita has been inspired by the dreamlike poetry of traditional landscape paintings in these soft pastel cherry blossom photograph.

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