Julia Baier

Northern Drifting

03.03. – 20.04.2018

It moves
It seethes
It crumbles
It breaks
It tells stories
It disturbs
It deceives
It drifts

In 2015, the photographer Julia Baier travelled to Iceland in connection with a grant. The Soiz gallery is exhibiting the black and white series which resulted from Julia Baier's exceptional reaction to the extremes of the landscape. This country is situated on the drift line between two continental plates where the earth quakes, vulcanos spit and water boils. Here is where extremes meet: black lava and white snow, soft moss and solid rock, hot water and cold air.

Using the panorama function of her smartphone camera, Julia Baier has created a unique photographic translation of this brittle environment. The artist has not used her own movement but that of a moving car. The camera finds, she copies at random, leaves out, drifts – realistic images are displaced by passing scenes and are compacted into frissured enigmatic pieces creating unusual and unique landscape images.

Semi-fictive and film-like impressions are created and question our way of viewing nature. Over and above this, the images are a perfect reflection of the mythical atmosphere of Iceland and illustrate the fragility of nature in our time.

Soiz Galerie

Eva Riesinger

Schustergasse 19
D-94032 Passau

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