Julia Baier

Water Matters

20.02. – 17.03.2016

Water is reflection, depth, form, area, place, change, playground. You can dive, ricochet, mirror, sink in it. In these black and white photographs of water, Julia Baier reflects on the world – clear and abstract, poetic and enigmatic. 'Water is universal, found everywhere and can be repeatedly contemplated anew,' says the photographer who lives in Berlin about her series 'Water Matters' showing in the Soiz gallery.

Julia Baier finds her motifs in Lithuenia, Istanbul, Lake Balaton in Hungary or Siem Reap in Cambodia. Clear pools, dark lakes, beaches and puddles, lawn sprinklers and cloud bursts. And time and time again people bathing, diving or jumping; alone, in groups or part of a crowd. All this can be observed and yet Julia Baier's works elude description or explanation the longer they are viewed. Each photograph emits its own atmosphere, begging to be deciphered but refusing to wholly reveal its secret.

The series 'Water Matters' has been published by Peperoni Books, Berlin (ISBN 978-3-941825-53-6).

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