Rudolf Klaffenböck


05.02. – 06.05.2017

The series 'Waiting' by Rudolf Klaffenböck is dedicated to the disappearance of individual architecture. Many of the bus shelters and railway station waiting rooms which he photographed in the Czech Republic from 2006 to 2015 have meanwhile been replaced by standardised architectural structures. In Klaffenböck's photos they become the stage for life's daily grind and reveal the creative inventiveness born from shortage.

Anything available in the socialist state was used: brick and glass, metal sheets and concrete, wood and plastic. The furnishings are sometimes paltry, sometimes cosy, but always unique. Traces of those who have waited are testified by scribbles on the walls. These rooms reveal images of a cultural history with their varied architectural style, size and furnishings – and as spaces for waiting filled with time.

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